Taylor - Aero Car


Taylor was the creator of what was perhaps the most successful flying car ever developed and flown. Accordingly he is revered by many as the patron saint of the flying car movement. He loved to recount stories about the plane--like the time he got a speeding ticket while driving an Aerocar to an auto show. And once, while delivering an Aerocar to pilot and actor Bob Cummings, Taylor made a spur of the moment stop at an Earl Scheib paint shop. Taylor had them match the yellow and green colors of Nutra - Bio, the vitamin company that sponsored "The Bob Cummings Show." The Aerocar was a regular on that show in the early 1960s.


The thinking of the time was that there was a need for such a dual-purpose vehicles. "Not only are roadways more congested with each passing year, but the airlines' hub-and-spoke system has, over many mid-length routes, actually increased travel times. But that's only part of what inspired flying car designers. As Chuck Berry sang in his 1956 recording "You Can't Catch Me," the ability to transform a car into a plane is liberating-freedom at the push of a button:


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