Fleetwings Seabird




The Fleetwings Seabird was an amphibious utility aircraft designed in 1934-5 by James C. Reddig for Fleetwings, Inc., of Bristol, PA. While the aircraft's basic configuration had a precedent in the design of the Loening Monoduck developed by the Grover Loening Aircraft Company as a personal aircraft for Mr. Loening (for whom Reddig worked from 1929-1933)  The Sea Bird was unusual because of its construction from spot-welded stainless steel. It was a high-wing, wire-braced monoplane, with its engine housed in a nacelle mounted above the wings on struts. The pilot and passengers sat in a fully-enclosed cabin. Fleetwings initially planned to manufacture 50 production units, but at a price approaching $25,000 during the Depression, there proved to be no sustainable market.


General characteristics


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