Travel Air A-6000-A








A prototype, Model 6000, of this aircraft was rolled out and flown for the first time on April 15, 1928. This monoplane transport was powered with a 200 HP weight J-5 Whirlwind engine and had accommodations for six in a heated cabin fitted with roll-down windows. Basically, the same as the six seat Model 6000; the A-6000-A was developed in answer to the urgent demands of various airlines for a single-engine monoplane with high performance.


The new model was slightly larger than the basic Model 6000. The cabin was sound-proofed and offered comfortable accommodation for six passengers with easily removable seats for bulky cargo. Northwest Airlines, Central Air Lines, and Overland Airways used this type of aircraft in their early years because of the demands of these and other airlines for a single-engined cabin monoplane with extra performance enough to help hold a competitive advantage with higher cruising speeds and a faster climb-out. It was an answer to an on-coming need for a performance that would enable these lines to advertise and to offer faster and more frequent service.


Because of this high performance, progressive business firms were also attracted to it as were many private owners also, such as Wallace Beery,the noted movie actor. One such very particular customer spent a week at the Wichita, Kansas, plant as an interested by­stander while his new purchase was being built. Upon its completion and test flight, he flew it home happy in the knowledge that he had seen it built from start to finish. Some 25 examples of this model were built.





LENGTH: 31' 2                                              HEIGHT: 9'3"

WING SPAN: 54' 5"                                      LANDING SPEED: 60 MPH

MAX SPEED: 140 MPH                               CRUISE SPEED: 120 MPH

SERVICE CEILING: 18,000 FT                  FUEL CAP: 130 GAL

CLIMB: 1000 FTIMIN                                  RANGE: 680 MILES

EMPTY WEIGHT: 3225 LBS                       GROSS WEIGHT: 5250 LBS



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